About Us

Our Philosophy – Cooking should be fun, safe, and caring!

Le Petit Chef offers fun, interactive cooking classes for kids in a safe and caring kitchen environment. We strive to infuse confidence and a love of cooking in young chefs while they learn the essential skills of cooking.

With a small class size, each child is hands-on in the preparation of food and receives personalized attention. Young chefs learn patience, sharing, and respect for others as they work together to prepare their edible creations. A child’s confidence and self-esteem increases as they complete a recipe and enjoy their creation.

Antonelle Di Lascia, Founder

As a former accountant and busy mother of 2 young children I tried to balance the need to bring in extra income for my family with my desire to be there for my children as they were growing up. I found the answer in my passion for cooking.

After 9 months of research and preparation, I started teaching weekly cooking classes in my home kitchen, to children ages 3½ to 12 years old. People loved the idea of dropping off their kids in a safe, caring environment, while learning an important life skill. Soon, word spread and my business grew to include holiday classes, birthday parties, and cooking programs at schools and libraries.

Everyone should have the opportunity to earn income from home, doing what they love. I am thrilled to share this opportunity with you!

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Cover Your Annual Membership Costs
by Teaching Just One Class

Income from your first class of at least 6 students can cover expenses for the class AND your Le Petit Chef membership for an entire year!*

Depending on what you actually charge per student, you may even make a profit from your first class. Either way, you can recover all your initial expenses, which means you will make a profit from every future class!

Teach your first class at no risk to you!$0
Annual Membership Subscription-$100
Ingredients for first class-$50
Income from First Class+$150
*Calculation assumes $25 fee for each student, expenses for ingredients of $50, and an annual membership fee of $100.